We customize and optimize the design of floating foundation of wind turbines, wave energy transformers and solar panels in marine areas.


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Flex2power consists of three concept models:

S1 – single floater with installed capacity 11,2MW

Q1 – quadrature with installed capacity 65MW

P1 – park level with several quadrature installations. 260MW with four Q1


Flex2power S1 substructure overall dimension:

136,6 x 136,6 x 52,8m (32,8m above sea level)

Substructure weight: 7500 tons (incl 4000 tons on concrete foundation)

Water depths: 60 – 1500m

Mooring: 4 anchor and mooring lines


Demonstrator of wind, wave and sun energy installation

5 MW installed wind turbine capacity

6 MW installed wave energy capacity

0,2 MW installed sun energy capacity


Complete installation close to fabrication yard inshore.

Low cost on production, towing, installation, operation and maintenance (Low LCoE)

Excellent stability in High Waves and Heavy Wind. Concrete foundation 20m below sea level for floater damping, stability and strength.

Extended height above sea and stability improve turbine, wave energy transformers and solar panel efficiency and lifetime

Area-efficiency. Flex2power park level configuration will occupy only  16% off surface area compared to other offshore concepts measured in MW/km2

Option to install helideck and transformation module on substructure.

Feasibility for extension of concept unit.

Years of development

2016 -2023

Years of production and demonstration

2024 -2025

Years of operation


Number of wind turbines (demonstrator)


Number of wave energy generator modules


Number of solar panel foundations


Total installed capacity

11,2 MW

Production 25year x 8760hrs/year x 11,2 MW x *0.57

1,40 millions MWh

CAPEX (inshore) **40 millions EUR/ 1,40 millions MWh

28,6 EUR/MWh

CAPEX (offshore)***10 millions EUR/ 1,40 millions MWh

7,1 EUR/MWh

OPEX (O&M) ****12,7 millions EUR/ 1,40 millions MWh

9,1 EUR/MWh

Financial cost – 14,3 millions EUR/ 1,40 millions MWh

10,2 EUR/MW

LCoE(LevelisedCost of Energy, incl 10% contingency)

55,0 EUR/MWh

*57% total capacity factor on wind, wave and sun energy (4993 annual hours of installed capacity load) **complete inshore installation ready for sail away. ***towing offshore, mooring, grid to shore and commissioning. ****operation and maintainance in 25years lifetime.


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Flex2power is a slim, modularised and elastic floating platform for combined wind, wave and sun energy production. A unique concept with remarkable low construction and service cost.


Seks søkarar får 23 millionar

Ulla-Førrefondet skal gje økonomisk støtte til prosjekt som omfattar grøn omstilling av næringsliv og utvikling av høgare utdanning i Rogaland. Rosenberg Worley AS får 5,4 millionar kroner til “Flex2power”. Konseptet skal produsera fornybar energi frå vind, bølger og sol på same flytande fundament ute i havet. Les mer på Ulla-Førrefondet Rogaland

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